A content analysis of student characters in educational psychology textbooks

Searching for Guidelines This article describes the process by which the design of a tool for analysis of textbooks came about. How exactly the content of textbooks based on these analyses is to be evaluated, or how the criteria put forward in these lists are to be assessed or "measured" is not clear. He describes hermeneutic, contingency and discourse analyses, among others. However, even though useful, his guide offers more in the way of overall approaches and epistemologies to choose from, rather than a single example of a how a theoretically-founded tool for analyzing textbooks could be put to practice.

A content analysis of student characters in educational psychology textbooks

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Revise - The question bank and sample papers offer wide range of revision material. This helps students to understand a concept in variety of ways.or misrepresented, particularly in educational psychology textbooks. Therefore, after carefully reading Maslow’s writings on HNT they conducted a content analysis of 18 educational psychology textbooks to ascertain the accuracy and depth of coverage of Maslow’s HNT.

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Overall, the results of this content analysis revealed some . This educational psychology textbook replacement course covers all of the topics in a standard educational psychology textbook.

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This Handbook reviews a wealth of research in cognitive and educational psychology that investigates how to enhance learning and instruction to aid students struggling to learn and to advise teachers on how best to support student learning.

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Previous research on gender stereotyping in textbooks has focused primarily on pictures used in texts.

A content analysis of student characters in educational psychology textbooks

However, many textbooks also use scenarios, with fictional characters, as pedagogical devices. Student characters in educational psychology textbooks were analyzed for potential gender stereotypes.

(2) Educational psychology textbooks were always expensive, and over the years their costs rose faster than inflation, especially in the United States, where most of the books have been produced.

Currently every major text about educational psychology sells for more than USD At best this cost is a stress on students' budgets.

A content analysis of student characters in educational psychology textbooks
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