Advertisement using famous people

In practically every culture, the killing of another person without provocation or for personal gain is considered murder. The following list takes a look at well-known figures who have committed this most reviled of offenses.

Advertisement using famous people

Humor Celebrities So, when a celebrity unconditioned stimulus endorses a brand conditioned stimulusit creates a hopefully positive response about that brand conditioned response.

For example, when Jennifer Aniston endorses a perfume, people consider the qualities of Jennifer Aniston with the perfume. Aniston is considered one of the sexiest women on the planet, powerful, and likeable. If Aniston is endorsing a perfume, women who view Aniston as a likeable, strong, attractive personality in turn attribute those qualities to the perfume.

There are two major factors marketing officials consider when seeking celebrity endorsements for their products: Credibility Attractiveness Likeability, Familiarity, Beauty For example, it would seem random to a consumer for an Olympic medalist, such as Michael Phelps to endorse a knife set.

Some consumers might believe that simply throwing an attractive celebrity into a commercial is common sense advertising, and can only increase the sex appeal of a brand.

Advertisement using famous people

Research into this area actually shows that factors like credibility overrules the attractiveness of a celebrity. Predicting Campaign Effectiveness The match up hypothesis provides a good foundation for determining the effectiveness of using celebrities in advertisements, but there are many other predictors of successful endorsement efforts.

Celebrity Performance The level of achievement a celebrity attains in their life. Negative Information Negative events, situations, or characteristics consumers associate with a celebrity. Celebrity Credibility Can the celebrity be trusted as a credible source of information about a product?

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Celebrity Expertise Does the celebrity have experience in this area? Celebrity Trustworthiness The degree of confidence consumers place in a celebrity. Celebrity Attractiveness Is the source physically attractive? Celebrity Familiarity and Likeability Do consumers recognize the celebrity?

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Published in The Journal of Advertising, the study shows that products designed to enhance attractiveness make good fits for celebrities who sell the products based on their own attractive qualities. This is why, for instance, a perfume endorsed by Jennifer Aniston might see gains, while a similar product endorsed by an unattractive celebrity might not.

Kamins concludes that for these celebrities, when products are non-attractiveness related, the impact on sales is minimal at best. Even if advertisers choose the right celebrity for the advertisement, there still exists a level of risk when employing endorsers. Sometimes celebrity advertising can backfire if the celebrity finds him or herself embroiled in negative events.

Lauded American cyclist Lance Armstrong has recently faced more serious allegations regarding steroid use between and Understanding the psychological reasoning behind why celebrity endorsements are so effective helps better you as a marketing professional.

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Related Careers in the Field Market Research Interviewer Market research interviewers conduct focus groups and surveys to determine the effects a celebrity has on consumer perception of a brand.

Learn more about Market Research Interviewers. Promotions Consultant Promotions consultants suggest different marketing campaigns to businesses and brands. These professionals might contact celebrities with endorsement offers, create budget scenarios for celebrity campaigns, and promote merchandising for a brand.

Learn more about Promotions Consultants. Advertising Executive As the primary professional in charge of a campaign, an advertising executive typically meets with celebrities in person to hammer out endorsement deals and create lasting partnerships.

Using information provided by consultants and market researchers, they guide advertising campaigns from their inception to hopefully successful completion.

Learn more about Advertising Executives.Beautiful people The type of propaganda that deals with famous people or depicts attractive, happy people. This suggests if people buy a product or follow a certain ideology, they too will be .

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