Benoni executive summary

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Benoni executive summary

Image by Remzi Kuskan - https: The industry has evolved significantly over the years, with new waterproofing materials and systems continually being introduced.

A great challenge in the industry is that few make the effort to address waterproofing as a very important element of building when it comes to design and implementation of specifications formulated by the right people.

The various waterproofing associations and institutes have a range of expertise from experienced people in the industry who can offer Benoni executive summary input of local and international manufacturers to assist in the compilation of the best specifications to suit the circumstances.

This, of course, only covers one side of the industry — the new works market. Usually this market can be regarded as being reasonably stable and controlled to a degree by professionals who are responsible to their clients.

A larger problem in the industry, however, is the ignorance of householders, property owners and building maintenance managers, etc. Many people get caught out because they are enticed by the blurb and false claims presented by unethical companies and enter into dubious contracts with them.

A ten-year guarantee given by a company that has no landline telephone, does not offer a physical address, and demands a huge up-front deposit, for example, should be warning enough. Why they leak is because not enough attention is paid to the detailing at design stage.

The importance of the waterproofing element of a building, as well as the Benoni executive summary of waterproofing are not understood.

Benoni executive summary

The approach of not investing enough in the waterproofing, because, for the most part, it cannot be seen, is common. However, the consequences of a badly designed flat roof can be horrific, and, not only costly to fix on a completed building, but very inconvenient and not always possible to completely repair.

The right approach to waterproofing is just as important on domestic dwellings, but unfortunately is very rarely a reality and there are often no waterproofing details provided on the 1: A leaking balcony or flat roof is anything but perfect. Because the industry is cyclical in nature, it is always difficult to get well-trained labour and to retain it.

When there is no work, the labour force will move into a different industry that guarantees work for twelve months of the year. Still, over the last 20 years, the industry has proven resilient, despite the numerous challenges and the cyclical nature of the building industry, which goes hand in hand with economic uncertainties.

Another serious problem is that waterproofing companies spring up all the time, but their knowledge and expertise are highly questionable. Consumers have to deal with these unscrupulous operators who give the industry a bad reputation. However, there are waterproofing and roofing industry umbrella bodies that are working hard to maintain a positive image, improve standards, quality and ethics in the industry.

CETA, unfortunately, has not provided the required learning material, although regularly requested to do so. This same company also set up a CETA-approved training school and offers training courses for waterproofers. In the Western Cape there are regular waterproofing workshops, often sponsored by major manufacturers and suppliers of waterproofing materials who realise the importance of training.

Skills development training has been widely regarded as critical, and many manufacturers and suppliers of the recognised waterproofing systems offer training programmes to waterproofing contractors. Some contractors have their own in-house training courses. Qualified training for waterproofers is available now, albeit currently only in the Western Cape.

The waterproofing industry must work together to create a positive image, to continue to improve standards, quality and ethics in the industry. The developer, or the client, the contractor and specialist waterproofing contractor must all work together to achieve a properly waterproofed building.

Price should never be the only deciding factor when it comes to waterproofing. Guarantees must also not be a deciding factor either. One always hears it said that waterproofing guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on.

It is more the understanding of guarantees that is misunderstood and the credibility of the waterproofing contractor that is the problem. In conclusion, to be more confident that you will have a waterproofed building, the following steps should be considered: Design and detail the waterproofing correctly at design stage, taking into account interfaces with other building elements.

Only appoint an experienced and knowledgeable specialist waterproofing contractor who understands buildings and methods of construction.

For re-waterproofing, such a company should be able to diagnose the causes of the problems correctly. The company must employ qualified waterproofers and also be financially sound and capable of handling the size of the job. The company should be a good standing member of one of the recognised waterproofing associations or institutes who are members of WFSA.

The main contractor and sub-trades, such as bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, air-conditioning and irrigation contractors, etc. Consider carefully in the programme when the waterproofing should be laid to avoid having many trades working on top of the waterproofing causing undisclosed damage.

Do not accept a quotation or tender on price and guarantees alone. Paul Koning President WFSA APRIL N E WS Dezzo Roofing offers a viable and costeffective alternative to conventional timber roof systems Having supplied over 2 million square metres of roofing products throughout southern Africa since its establishment 15 years ago, the Dezzo Roofing system has proved popular with residential developments, retail and entertainment facilities, and the price-sensitive affordable housing sector.

Benoni executive summary

D ezzo Roofing supplies country wide from its Durbanbased manufacturing facility and will deliver to any destination in South Africa and into Africa.This recognised hotel leader seeks a highly experienced & motivated Assistant F&B Hotel Operations Manager. Main Purpose of the Job: To assist the operations manager to implement the unit strategies to achieve objectives to maintain a comprehensive complex according to best practice, (including but not limited to internal policies, legislation, international trends) with specific regard to.

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BENONI GOLD MINING CO LTD located in South Africa. BENONI GOLD MINING CO LTD Address, Phone number, Email, Reviews and Photos. See the complete profile on South Africa Business Directory. Chat Online; Benoni, Gauteng Wikipedia.

Benoni (South Africa) Benoni. Benoni (Africa) Over time gold mining has decreased in importance. AIRCRAFT ACCIDENT REPORT AND EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Reference: CA18/2/3/ Aircraft Registration ZS-FAI Date of Accident 13 October Time of Accident Z in KwaZulu-Natal on a private flight to Brakpan-Benoni aerodrome (FABB) in Gauteng.

The chef at the lodge that transported the pilot and passenger to the. John Sheehan International Business Professor Mohamed ElSankari The Benoni Mine Incident On February 15, , a rescue operation took place at an abandoned mine shaft in Benoni (near Johannesburg), South Africa, to rescue a reported group of up to illegal mine workers.

Summary. 18 Years Experience in Managing Golf Estate Managing private security for estate. 5 years experience in PA to executive Directors and CEO. 30 Years of catering experience and interior Decorating.

Benoni Executive Assistant/Executive Secretary; Skills & Operational Manager.

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