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Call management

Call management

We will not specifically cover Linux based Azure VMs here, but same base guidance would apply to them equally. Though, we will occasionally reference the traditional on-premises Patch management process, wherever required.

The responsibility of patching these underlying physical host servers rests with the Cloud provider. In case of Azure, Microsoft holds this responsibility. Microsoft does regularly update VM Images they have published in the Azure Marketplace, with latest patches.

These Images are thoroughly tested for stability, before being published in the Marketplace. Hence, whenever you create a new VM based on an Image from the Azure Marketplace, you would be lucky if you get one which has been just updated with latest patches.

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That will save you from applying any additional updates rare chance. Thereafter, you can use OMS to monitor the Call management status of the monitored VMs to see which ones are missing any updates, and push Installation of those missing Updates unilaterally.

This strategy does not make things any easier for customers. You can see my feedback to Microsoft around this concern at the Official Azure User Voice forum here: Once I get a response on this feedback, I will update this post with the response. Organizations considering either migrating their existing on-premises workloads to Azure, or building net new Cloud Infrastructure, will necessarily need to consider having a Cloud Patch management process.

Orgs already having an existing and mature patch management process at on-premises, would assume that all they need to do is follow the same process on Azure. While that is true to some extent, they will still need to revisit their existing process, and fine-tune it for Azure IaaS model Orgs who do not already have an existing or mature Patch management process, can follow guidance in this post to help them establishing one for their Azure IaaS environment.

Prepare Patch Inventory You should first create a Patch Inventory, which should capture following information for your IaaS deployment: See Stage 2 below. All patches which failed during testing, and were eventually never applied in production— When? The above listed Inventory data points are not absolutely exhaustive, but should give you a fair Idea on what levle of Inventory you must have, before embarking on Incorporating a patch management process on Azure.

This means that the VM Server OS, Application Software s Installed within, and any Initial configurations done on either of these, are thoroughly tested, found stable, and standardized for being used as a base VM configuration.

For baselining Azure VMs, you should consider following high-level process: Stage 4 — Setup Patch Management System After you have discovered and setup patch notification and repository channels, next step would be to look at setting up a patch management system.

Before you move forward on selecting a patch management system, you should: Determine one or more locations a.ArbiterSports has been leading the pack in game officials management.

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Call management

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