Essay campaign finance

If you need a custom essay or research paper on this topic please use our writing services. Campaign finance refers to money that is spent for purposes of political competition.

Essay campaign finance

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Campaign Finance Essay Sample Introduction Despite being a leading democracy in the world, American politics have been dodged by various issues and financing political party campaign is one of those issues which greatly hamper the growth of our democracy.

The issue of campaign finance has been compounded by fact that the more the rich contribute to political parties, the more they get in return. Elite theories of democracy assert that the rule of elite is inevitable and through many have tried to refute their claim campaign finance is the best yardstick that can be used to prove or refute their claim.

After an election, hundreds of rich and interested groups descend on Washington like locusts in demand for a favor in return for their prior contribution.


To prove the elite theorists right, we are ruled by a few powerful individuals holding office in custody of their political parties which are under the influence of the rich and influential. This is the main reason why the U. This has been aimed at ensuring that candidates spend a good amount of their time selling their political agendas rather than meeting rich individuals and corporate to raise money for their campaign.

However in a representative democracy this amount of contribution to politic party has its place since every side has to do its best to sell its policies than others. This means that every political party in campaign needs good funding to sell its political agenda.

At the same time this may influence the interest of the contributors to the running of the political parties and therefore the needed reforms. The special interest money has a crucial role in the cause of political campaign Campaign financing in United States In order to understand subject well, we have to look deeply at campaign financing in the country.

Campaign financing is the money which is raised to be used in election campaign. Campaigns are very expensive and a candidate will need money to travel from one area to another, to purchase air for placing TV advertisements, and for many other uses.

At the same time placing campaign funding in the hands of the government means getting more from the taxpayers.

Therefore, political parties are left with not option than to seek the contribution from their supporters. The basis assumption in political party funding is that donors usually fund those candidates who they have reached an agreement with.

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However it has been argued that most donors do not give out of their interest but there is a form of agreement in which they expect to be rewarded in return for their contribution.

Most political analysts have actually equated political party campaign with political corruption or political bribery. When their sponsored candidates assume office, political parties will expect to be compensated for the contribution although it many not be monetary term.

They will be expecting to receive favors in the drafting of policies and in other areas where they are interested in. Analysts have argued that some leaders holding political offices find themselves in a dilemma of working to the will of the people and serving the interest of their donors.

They become captive of the donors in a way that they cannot make independent decisions.

Essay campaign finance

Therefore there have been proposition that we need some reforms in campaign financing. These reforms have also been seeking to see the government rather than the private sector plays a major role in campaign financing. For a long time in the history of the United States, federal election campaigns have been unregulated.

However the laws were largely ignored and money has always been a key tool in influencing the outcome of political campaigns.

For example records show that in James Madison who was running for Virginia legislature lost the seat since he refused to prove alcohol to the voters. However the Watergate affair was a waking up call which made the congress to enact the Federal Election Commissions which monitors spending on political campaigns.

Essay campaign finance

Therefore there are two broad campaign financing method that we have just mentioned, private financing and government financing. Let us look at each source. Private financing has been used in most democratic countries.

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In private financing, political parties and their election staff together with the candidate are likely to spend a large amount of their time running from office to office or corporate to corporate seeking for funds to run their campaign.

In one of surveys carried out in the united states, it was found out that of the political party offices spend more than half of their time soliciting fro funds while half of the political party candidates surveyed spent more than a quarter of their time soliciting for campaign funds.

Private funding uses different tactics to solicit more funds from corporate and individuals.Free Essay: Campaign Finance Reform The politics is a stage for many different characters of whom each is trying to convince their audience to give them the.

Campaign Finance Spending You decide Campaign finance spending reform For many years, campaign finance reform was an important 'talking point' amongst populist Democratic and Republican senators alike, cumulating in the McCain-Feingold Act.

Zephyr Teachout’s important new book reminds us that corruption—in its more expansive sense of excessive private interest undermining public virtue—poses very real risks to a functioning democracy, risks that were foreseen at the founding, and that have preoccupied politicians, statesmen, and jurists for the entire course of our nation’s history.

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