Essay on street hawkers

Quintessentially, he is the link between the farmers who grow fruit and vegetables and the end users: Street hawkers are actually road-side vendors who sell all kinds of merchandise. The merchandise may vary from vegetables, to crockery, to plastic items, to beauty aids, to shoes. Generally a street hawker spreads his ware on the road.

Essay on street hawkers

Essay on street hawkers

Essay on the street hawker Article shared by Introduction The street hawker is a useful member of the society. He brings many articles to our door for sale. He saves our trouble of going to a market or shop.

Street hawkers essay

In this way he renders good service to us. Hawkers sell varieties of articles to us. They sell things of daily necessity, such as newspapers, vegetables, fruits, eggs, sweets, confectioneries, chops, cutlets, chanachur, fried ground nuts, ghoognee, ice cream, etc. They sell cloths, garments, bedsheets, napkins, towels, etc.

Some hawkers sell utensils of bell metal and aluminium and stainless steel. Some sell articles of toilet.

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Others sell toys and balloons for children. Time for sale Newspapers, vegetables, fruits, bread, biscuits, etc. At noon come the drapers and hawkers of utensils. At this time the customers are generally the elderly women. The male members are then absent from home.

It is the best time for the hawkers to approach the women who like to buy clothes and utensils. In the afternoon we see hawkers with chanachur, ghoognee, chops, cutlets, ice cream, fried groundnuts, etc.

These have a good sale and the customers are generally boys and girls. Toys also are sold in the afternoon. Children are their best customers.

Some hawkers sell their things at night also. These are generally hawkers of kulpi baraf ice creamand garlands of bael and rajanigandha flowers. Hawkers have various methods of attracting customers.

Some hawk their goods in a funny tone and make funny gestures and sing funny songs in praise of their goods. Some wear peculiar dress to attract the customers. From the different tones of hawking we know what particular articles are sold by those hawkers. Hawking is an art. Some hawkers can draw the attention of customers better than others and they do better in the job.

Mode of selling and hawking Hawkers generally do not sell things of particular varieties, such as clothes, utensils etc.

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They generally demand a higher price than the prevailing market price. If a buyer does not know the prevailing market price, he has to pay more. But a good bargainer can buy at a less price, because the hawkers can sell things at a cheaper rate as they have no establishment expenses.

One should be careful while purchasing a thing from a hawker. A dishonest hawker may cheat one by selling a defective thing. We cannot return the thing and get back our money if he is once gone.

Children are the best customers of those hawkers who sell sweets, chanachur, fried groundnuts and other articles of food of this type and also who sell toys.

Hawker of these things draw the attention of children in various funny ways. When children hear their voice, they come and gather round the hawkers to buy things from them. Parents are often forced to buy things for them.Free sample essay on the Scene of a Weekly Indian Market. Market is a place where we buy things of our need.

A weekly market is held on a particular day at a particular place. Generally, it is head from the second half of the day and continues till late evening. At some places it [ ]. Short Essay on A Street Hawker. Article shared by. Street hawkers are actually road-side vendors who sell all kinds of merchandise.

ADVERTISEMENTS: The merchandise may vary from vegetables, to crockery, to plastic items, to beauty aids, to shoes. Generally a street hawker spreads his ware on the road. words essay on the The Street. A Railway Station Paragraph: A railway station is a part and parcel of train communication of a country.

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