Heroes in literature a character analysis of the adventures of spiderman and the three musketeers

Literature represents much of the very best of humanity's writings, and it is not by any accident that, after bestsellers and sensationalized books have faded from memory, literature continues to thrive and remain intensely relevant to contemporary human conditions.

Heroes in literature a character analysis of the adventures of spiderman and the three musketeers

Plot[ edit ] One year after the events of the second film, Peter Parker plans to propose to Mary Jane Watsonwho has just made her Broadway musical debut. Later a meteorite lands at Central Parkand an extraterrestrial symbiote follows Peter to his apartment.

Harry Osbornseeking vengeance after his father's death, attacks Peter with weapons based on his father's Green Goblin technology. The battle ends with Harry crashing out and developing amnesiawiping out his memory of Peter as Spider-Man.

Heroes in literature a character analysis of the adventures of spiderman and the three musketeers

Meanwhile, police pursue escaped convict Flint Marko, who visits his wife and dying daughter before fleeing again, and falling into an experimental particle accelerator that fuses his body with the surrounding sand, transforming him into the Sandmanwith powers to control sand and to deform at will.

The super-powered Marko robs an armored car, and Spider-Man confronts him. Marko easily subdues Spider-Man, and escapes. As Peter sleeps in his Spider-Man suit and waiting for Marko, the symbiote assimilates his suit.

Peter later awakens on top of a building, discovers his costume changed and his powers enhanced; however, the symbiote also brings out Peter's dark side.

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Wearing the new suit, Spider-Man locates Marko and battles him in a subway tunnel. Discovering that water is Marko's weakness, Spider-Man breaks a water pipe, causing water to reduce Marko to mud and wash him away.

Peter's changed personality alienates Mary Jane, whose career is floundering, and she finds solace with Harry, but leaves afterwards in regret. Harry recovers from his amnesia and, urged by a hallucination of his father, blackmails Mary Jane into breaking up with Peter.

After Mary Jane tells Peter she loves "somebody else", Harry meets with Peter and claims to be "the other guy". Peter confronts Harry about forcing Mary Jane to end her relationship with him and spitefully tells Harry that his father never loved him. Another fight ensues, in which Harry throws a pumpkin bomb at Peter, who deflects it back, disfiguring Harry's face.

Peter then exposes rival photographer Eddie Brockwho created photos depicting black suit Spider-Man as a criminal, to get the staff photographer job. Peter proves his plagiarism which results in their boss, J. Jonah Jamesonfiring Brock, printing out a retraction and giving Brock's job to Peter.

Realizing this, Gwen leaves the nightclub, and, after being told to leave, Peter attacks a couple of bouncers and he accidentally hits Mary Jane, Peter realizes how the symbiote is corrupting him. Retreating to a bell tower of a church, Peter removes the symbiote after bumping into a church bell weakens it, which falls below to the floor and bonds with Brock, who in turn, praying for Peter's death, is transformed into Venom.

Brock locates Marko and convinces him to join forces to defeat Spider-Man. Posing as a taxi driver, Brock kidnaps Mary Jane, and holds her as bait from a web high above a construction site, while Marko keeps the police at bay. Seeking help, Peter goes to Harry, who rejects him.

While Spider-Man battles Brock and Marko, Harry learns the truth about his father's death from his butler, and goes to the construction site to help Peter, resulting in a battle between the four.

Harry subdues the Sandman before assisting Peter against Brock. In the ensuing battle, Brock attempts to impale Peter with Harry's glider, but Harry steps in, and is impaled himself.

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Remembering the symbiote's weakness, Peter assembles a perimeter of metal pipes to create a sonic attack, weakening it, and allowing Peter to separate Brock from the symbiote.

Peter activates a pumpkin bomb from Harry's glider and throws it at the symbiote, but Brock, attempting to become Venom again, dives in and is killed along with the symbiote. After the battle, Marko explains that Uncle Ben's death was an accident, and that his uncle was trying to help him.

His death has haunted him ever since. Peter forgives Marko, who then leaves. Peter and Mary Jane accompany Harry, who dies peacefully from his injuries.

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Later, at the nightclub, Peter and Mary Jane reconcile and dance. Kirsten Dunst as Mary Jane Watson: Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy: Peter's lab partner and good friend, who is saved by Spider-Man from falling to her death.

Rosemary Harris as May Parker: Peter's aunt, who gives her nephew her engagement ring so he can propose to Mary Jane, and teaches him forgiveness. James Cromwell as George Stacy:American Literature Classic Literature Classic Books World Literature Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn Book Summaries Book Club Books Books To Read Roman character analysis, and more.

Learn all about Jane Eyre, ask questions, and get the answers you need. The Three Musketeers Infographic | Course Hero. Besides the wonderful character names in the story, the opening credits of this show also provided some fun entertainment for the name-lover in me.

Alexandre Dumas was French, his 19th century novel took place in 17th century France, and the names of his four heroes were inspired by real musketeers.

However, there are some characters who are iconic to the point that even noncomic fans know something about their origin stories of heroes like Superman, Batman, and Spider-man. These heroes are some of the most loved heroes referenced throughout pop-culture. Bringing in the Tri-Sentinel was a fun call back to the villains first appearance being in Amazing Spider-Man # Even though the Sentinels are an X-Men villain the Tri .

"I figured if I was going to do this stupid movie, I might as well have fun and go as far over the top as I possibly could. All that eye-rolling and foaming at the mouth was me deciding that if I was going to be in a piece of shit like that movie, I was going to be the most memorable fucking thing in it.

The egg character (Humpty Alexander Dumpty) was good, but there seemed to be a lack of other strong characters (the villians were just not that ominous). The 3D .

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