If you are appointed as a

These payments have priority over all other claimsincluding creditor claims, debts, taxes and costs of probate. If there is not enough property in the estate to pay all of these special payments, the Homestead Allowance is paid first, the Family Allowance is paid next and Exempt Property is paid last. Even if the person who died made a will that disinherited the spouse or children, the personal representative needs to pay the allowances and exempt property out of the estate. The spouse and children may disclaim their interest in receiving any allowances and exempt property, and would need to file a document with the court stating this.

If you are appointed as a

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The court grants the guardian authority and responsibility to act on behalf of another person. The relationship is fiduciary, which means that the guardian is obliged to act in the best interests of the ward. The court supervises the guardian to assure proper actions on behalf of the ward. An individual may serve as guardian of a minor or of an incapacitated person.

In some states, a minor ward over fourteen can nominate his or her own choice for guardian. Any competent person may be appointed guardian for an incapacitated person.

The appointee might be the spouse, an adult child or parent of the ward, or any responsible adult with whom the ward is residing. To establish a guardianship, a petition is typically filed in state court where the ward lives.

If you are appointed as a

In the case of an adult ward, if mental incapacity is the reason for the petition, medical documentation should accompany the filing. Notice of the time and place of the hearing is given to the potential ward and other persons specified by statute.

What is a Personal Representative?

The documents are served on the interested parties at which point the proposed ward or his or her relatives can object to the guardianship request. A hearing is held. The court may appoint a guardian if it finds the person is incapacitated and the appointment is necessary to provide continuing care and supervision of the person.

Incapacity can result from any number of conditions, including, but not limited to mental illness, mental deficiency, mental disorder, physical illness or disability, chronic use of alcohol or other drugs. Essentially, the court must be convinced that the individual lacks sufficient understanding or capacity to make or communicate responsible decisions.

The court may terminate a guardianship if a subsequent hearing proves that the need for a guardian no longer exists, or in the case of a minor, when the child reaches the age of majority.

The guardian may make personal decisions for the ward such as living arrangements, education, social activities, and authorization or withholding of medical or other professional care, treatment, or advice.

Generally, a guardian is not charged with managing the income or property of the incapacitated person; however, the guardian may receive funds payable for the support of the ward such as social security as a representative payee.

If a guardianship is contested, the court may appoint a disinterested third party to investigate and make recommendations. Usually called a guardian ad litem, this person evaluates both the necessity for a guardianship, and the appropriateness of the proposed guardian.

The ward may also hire separate legal counsel. If the proposed ward is indigent, the court sometimes appoints counsel. Inside Court Appointed Guardian.Listing people who might bail you out does not jeopardize your right to have appointed counsel.

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Except for your spouse, the court will not consider the assets of others in . If you believe that the Personal Representative should be removed, it is a good idea to talk to a probate lawyer.

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