Multiculturalism in childrens literature

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Multiculturalism in childrens literature

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Jun 03, Betsy rated it really liked it Rarer than quality books. More elusive than good picture books for older readers. Lots exist, to a certain extent and if you know where to look. Please do me the favor of now asking yourself the following questions about said book: A Does it contain characters from another country?

If you answe Rarer than quality books. If you answered yes, then B Are those characters human? Even if you answered yes to both A and Bcan you still guarantee me that the book is really well written with phenomenal illustrations?


Not only are the stories in both Anna Hibiscus and its sequel Hooray for Anna Hibiscus charming but they manage to walk the fine line that exists between truth and perception. Anna Hibiscus is a little girl who lives in a beautiful white compound surrounded by her extended family.

Aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents all live together in a single home. She has a way with words, that Atinuke. It will surprise no one reading these stories that she is a professional storyteller. Though Anna learns a couple lessons in the course of these tales, you never feel as if the books are preachy or didactic.

The only book that comes to mind was City Boy by Jan Michael, and that certainly was a title for older readers.

Multiculturalism in childrens literature

At the same time, the story "Auntie Comfort" defines the traditions of the family that are still in place. They send text messages and e-mails around the world, and call from the market on their mobile phones to see what shopping needs doing. But the clothes they wear are made from colorful African cloth, waxed and dyed and printed.

The languages they speak are African as well as English. Then I realized that Atinuke uses this story to introduce to kids the notion of having lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents around at all times.

And once you understand the living situation everyone lives in one big house the rest of the book will make that much more sense. The story also reminded me more than a little of that classic folktale It Could Always Be Worsewhich is fun.

Two of the stories in the books are rather similar to one another, but I appreciated their presence. Part of what makes the Anna Hibiscus tales so remarkable is that Anna learns continually about differences in class.

These are very careful little stories, but they really reinforce the message of being grateful for what you already have. Now right from the start folks might worry that the men in this book all seem to go to work while the women stay home and remain traditional keepers of the home.Multicultural literature belongs in every classroom and library -- on the shelves and in the hands of children, librarians, and teachers.

The challenge for librarians, teachers and others is identifying authentic, reliable books by and about people of color and First/Native Nations.

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Latest breaking news, including politics, crime and celebrity. Find stories, updates and expert opinion. Multicultural Children’s Literature in the Elementary Classroom By Mei-Yu Lu "When I was a child the teacher read, 'Once upon a time, there were five Chinese brothers and they all looked exactly alike' Cautiously the pairs of eyes stole a quick glance back.

The second chapter goes into the details of multicultural children's literature in the context of this book and provides a broad discussion of issues that relate to multicultural children's literature, such as cultural authenticity, validation, representation, and so on.

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Multiculturalism in Children's Literature Roberta Seelinger Trites In an excellent three-part series on multiculturalism that ran in The Horn Book Magazine in , Barbara Bader provides a comprehensive overview of the development of multicultural children's literature in the United States.

Anna Hibiscus has 1, ratings and reviews. Betsy said: Rarer than quality books. More elusive than good picture books for older readers. The goal.

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