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Personally, I enjoyed dipping into and out of all the varied topics but some may find it not that fulfilling as it does flit from one topic to the next quite quickly without too much depth. January Review posted: November AA was my first module and I had no idea what to expect.

Open university essays aa100

Is courage knowledge of good and evil? Tim Chappell Yes, he makes a claim very like that in the Meno and in the Protagorus and elsewhere in the dialogues.

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Carolyn Price But is Plato right about that? For example, he walks boldly into dangerous situations and he faces his own death pretty calmly.

Tim Chappell I think Plato himself thought that this was the biggest threat to his own view, that, for any of the virtues, you needed all the others.

And we do have this gut feeling that it is perfectly possible to have courage without having any of the other virtues. And that seems like a natural intuitive view.

Here is what Plato might say on the other side. First of all, he might point out some facts about the way we use words like courage.

We use words like courage to applaud people, to praise people. There is more to it than that with Plato, I think. Plato does have the idea that the virtues are forms of knowledge. That does seem to be something that you could have whether you were a wicked person or a good person or whatever.

Open university essays aa100

Plato is also having the thought that being courageous means knowing, as he often puts it, how to balance the evil that you see might come to you out of what you are doing, for example, by being wounded in a war or killed in a war; you know how to balance how important that evil is, with how important the good is that you can get by, perhaps literally, sticking to your guns in a given situation.

What Plato really means by talking of courage as a form of knowledge is precisely that ability to measure the resultant good against the resultant bad in a dispassionate way and to stick to the judgement that you make about how that measurement turns out.

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In the audio track, Open University classicist Jessica Hughes explores some of the issues surrounding interpretation of these mosaics' meanings.

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This material forms part of The Open University Course AA The arts and past and present. In the audio track, Anne Laurence, a History Professor at The Open University, elaborates on the issues addressed in the album.

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