Practical implications thesis

Like the conclusion of any college essay, it has to summarize not the content of your findings, but their significance. It offers the lens with which you want your dissertation committee members to appreciate what they have just read. You want it to confirm their positive appraisal of your dissertation. Take a break after you finish writing the dissertation.

Practical implications thesis

Contact Us Conclusions and Implications The most important parts of a research report are the descriptions, analyses, and interpretations of the data.

What you do with the findings, i. The research needs to identify for the reader why and how the analyses and interpretations were made and the way key concepts in the analyses evolved. In addition, the researcher needs to "inform the reader of any unexpected findings or patterns that emerged from the data and report a range of evidence to support assertions or interpretations presented.

Showing, not telling about your findings, is the best way to let your reader know what you discovered. Quotes, vignettes, field notes, work samples and other data can be used to support interpretations and assertions.

If it was a moment of vivid insight for you, it may well be a breakthrough for your audience. A conclusion section refocuses the purpose of the research, revealing a synopsis of what was found and leads into the implications of the findings.

A conclusion may also include limitations of the study and future research needs.

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Implications for Practice The meanings you construct from your data help give you ideas about how to teach in a particular way. The statements you make about how you might teach are the implications for future teaching. Is Teacher Research Valid and Reliable? That is a question that has been asked many times by both traditional educational researchers and teacher-researchers.

Validity in research is the degree to which a study is honest and true to its intent, its context, and its reporting. It is the result of your integrity as a teacher and as a researcher.

It poses the question, "Does your data say what you say it says?

Practical implications thesis

Each school is different and the conditions are never the same from one class to the next. Teacher research derives its reliability from providing enough information to be able to make reasonable "comparisons" to other situations and contexts.

Teacher researchers do not try to recreate the context of a study, but rather consider asking questions such as these: How does the context affect the findings in the study?

What different variables are in the context? If the multicultural mix of students was substituted for a more homogeneous one, how would that affect the findings? MacLean and Mohr outline a number of steps teacher-researchers can take to achieve validity in research. Chief among them are: Make revisions of your research questions to ensure a focus on your current teaching and what your students are learning.

Frequent, consistent writing of your own observations will help you to discover what you think and to record what happens over a period of time. Collect a broad database of information to provide grounding for the interpretations that emerge from the data.

Have other teacher-researchers examine and challenge your work.Chapter 6 Conclusions, implications of the study and directions for future research In this study, we have sought to respond to a number of research questions related to how knowledge mobilisation is understood, performed and enacted in everyday working practice of NHS trust CEOs in England.

Chapter 5: Implications and Future Research Summary of the Argument Susan Baxter, an online studies scholar, effectively summarizes one of the main issues remainder of this chapter, I address in more detail the synthesis and implications of the findings, the significance of the study, and recommendations for future research.

Practical Implications Each teaching method has its advantage and its limitations; in my teaching I have found first hand that this is so. Whereas a skilled tutor will adapt to any given situation and change his/her delivery to suit, every teaching method will have its high and low points but, if you recognised this, you can at least take.

Conclusions and Implications The most important parts of a research report are the descriptions, analyses, and interpretations of the data. What you do with the findings, i.e. the implications.

DISCUSSION AND IMPLICATIONS Research indicates that teacher quality directly affects student achievement and identifies the teacher as the single most important factor that impacts student learning.

Practical implication is the reality that would occur if certain conditions are fulfilled. An instance is, when analysts conduct behavioral experiments, the reliability of the data they collect would have practical implications on how clinicians accurately determine the effectiveness of specific behavioral remedies.

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