Unodc dunmun 2014 study guide

Beds in a shelter for women in southern Kyrgyzstan. Shelter space in Kyrgyzstan is extremely limited, and few shelters receive any government support. One evening inhe returned to their Bishkek home after a school reunion and started to criticize her. I asked him to calm down, to not insult me.

Unodc dunmun 2014 study guide

The need for an assessment of the threat posed by these groups is particularly clear in the recent EU Commission Declaration of January calling EUMS to increase their efforts to prevent radicalization and extremism.

However, these cases are far too often considered as evidence of prison radicalization. More cautions approaches to radicalization show a less dramatic reality: Create awareness on the broad picture of terrorism, the mind set and narratives used by understanding a why prisons are a breeding ground for radicalization; b the difference between conversion, radicalization and moving to extremist views terminology ; c the pathways and levels of radicalization, role in the network; d recruitment tactics employed within the prison environment; e indicators on how to identify vulnerable people at risk of radicalization; 2.

Develop the tools and instruments for prison administration and line-level staff to recognize signs of Unodc dunmun 2014 study guide at an early stage within their specific facility; 3. Provide common, consistent and effective instruments to help staff report their observations to the appropriate intelligence staff; 4.

Provide model procedures for intelligence staff to vet the data they receive from prison staff and to appropriately interpret it; 5. Establish a series of training programmes and tools for all staff within a prison to respond appropriately to potential vulnerable individuals at risk of radicalization.

The consortium is composed by: An open class involving partners and the academic community is foreseen. It will be hosted by the Romanian Prison and Probation Services. Its topic will be: The main aim of the Conference will be to share information and experience how to manage prisons and probation services in times of economic crisis, cuts in staff and activities, whether and how opening prisons to outside agencies, private companies, civil society and the local communities could help prepare better prisoners for release without undermining safety and security.

An important topic will also be radicalisation of detainees and the role of prison and probation services in dealing with this problem. In the Conference will take part Directors general of the prison administration and probation services of the 47 Council of Europe member states or their high ranking representatives.

The working languages will be French, English and Russian with simultaneous interpretation. The aim of this conference is to: Challenge the private sector to develop innovative digital solutions for use in corrections to address issues facing prisons and probation today; Provide networking opportunities for technology experts in the corrections arena; o promote the use and implementation of advanced Digital Technology Solutions in corrections.

The programme will be underpinned by three main themes: Delegates will be welcomed to the event at our evening reception on Wednesday 27th May starting at hrs.

The conference itself will comprise a number of inspiring and engaging presentations with dialogues in smaller groups from both public and private perspectives on the challenges and possible solutions of using technologies in corrections.

Over the course of the event, participants will have the opportunity to interact and contribute during the dialogue sessions and to network and discuss issues in detail.


For more information email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This includes senior decision makers in correctional jurisdictions, heads of ICT departments, business improvement professionals, prison and probation management experts, analytical and research specialists and technology solution providers.

Unodc dunmun 2014 study guide

We seek to attract a core audience of those presently working within the prison and probation sectors who are involved in the advancement of their respective jurisdictions through the implementation of digital technology initiatives. Overall we aim for this event to attract some participants comprising public and private sector professionals from countries across the globe.

The objective of the forum was to compare policies and seek joint solutions to problems that have many similarities across the region. At the inaugural event, Mr Luis G Solis, the President of Costa Rica noted that "social and professional insertion policies targeting persons deprived of liberty must be seen as any other fundamental public policy such as education and health provision.

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When we talk about social insertion policies for prisoners we are also talking about democracy, fairness and mutual respect" he noted. This presentation aimed to be a contribution to the discussion on the incarceration of elderly inmates, youngsters and the mentally ill; to raise awareness to the problem and foster the reflection on some changes needed in social, justice and public health policies in some EU countries.2that each study group and their relevant groups will study the Questions adopted by this conference and assigned to it in accordance with the structure shown in Annex 2 to this resolution, and those adopted between two world telecommunication development conferences in accordance with the provisions of Resolution 1 (Rev.

Dubai, ) of this. Furthermore, political concerns about youth radicalization especially in Western Europe and North America gained momentum with the publication of alarmist intelligence reports and the news reports about European citizens flocking to Syria to fight, mostly alongside the Syrian opposition (Bigo, Bonelli Guittet & Ragazzi, , Study for the LIBE.

The present study investigates ideological strategies mainly embodied in X-phemism in light of Van Dijk’s and Charteris-Black’s frameworks of the construction of reality in news reports.

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A study found that after South Africa's Firearm Control Act was passed in , homicide rates in the country declined, and concluded that "stricter gun control mediated by the FCA accounted for a significant decrease in homicide overall, and firearm homicide in particular, during the study .

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